Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

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3 WEEKS ON THE VEGAN KETO DIET – crazy results (energy, focus, hunger, fat loss)

Here's my 3 week experience on the #ketogenic diet, VEGAN STYLE!!! Click to watch what i typically ate:

There's a lot going on here but i promise it's worth the watch! Also, don't forget to check out Miles's video after this one for a male's perspective on the ketogenic vegan diet and his experience through it all. We had a lot of fun putting this together and have many collabs in the future planned! If you watch his vid, tell him the Queen sent him ♡

In this video i covered:
-WHAT i did
-WHY i did it
-HOW i did it
-How i knew i was in ketosis
-what i ate and my macronutrient split
-hitting my micronutrients
-cravings, appetite, satiety
-exercise/strength/endurance performance
-mental energy, acuity, and my relationship with food
-electrolyte balance
-VEGAN keto while being social
-to whom/when i would recommend this particular diet

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